Art Pepper: “So in Love”

Art Pepper: So in Love Produced by John Snyder and Laurie Pepper Analogue productions revival series. APR 3013. “So in Love by Art Pepper”: another release on the Analogue Productions Revival Series; another classy pressing. They seem to have it all to a fine art at Analogue Productions. The lacquer expertly cut by master engineer […]

The Naim Story part II

masters of the universe  Naim and Linn together grew very rapidly throughout the Seventies, so by the early Eighties both were becoming quite big fish in a fairly small  specialist hi-fi pool. Since both were operating at (and had indeed largely created) the top end of the market, it was pretty inevitable they would start […]

The Naim Story

masters of the universe part I Founded at the beginning of the Seventies, just before the British hifi industry went through its deepest ever recession, Naim Audio has grown steadily and surely ever since. That difficult birth seems to have bred a ruggedness that has proved remarkably resilient to the stop/go economic cycles ever since, […]

Eros: hybrid electrostatic speakers

Hybrid Electrostatic speakers are becoming popular, offering the ‘best’ of both worlds Speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days. Some prefer the traditional cone-type while others are more interested in developing new ways of moving air. The InnerSound Eros speakers use two types of driver; one electrostatic panel, and a cone-driven sub for […]

B&W emphasis on design

The most striking feature of B&W’s Emphasis speakers was the unanimous approval and genuine pleasure shown by all females to.whom they were introduced. Reactions varied from a simple “way cool!” to a longing glance into the drawing room, where they’d have looked ravishing in place of the resident Castle Harlechs. It all fits in with […]