Viva Audio Egoista 2A3 headphone amp

AQ’s German corresponded reports on his “unforgettable” love from Italy. My long encounter with the Viva Audio Egoista 2A3 headphone amp, Christian Bayer. A live performance is our only reference Amedeo Schembri Do you remember when you met the love of your life for the first time? Looked into her eyes and felt butterflies all […]

Anger and Intelligence: Jazz and Civil Rights

AQ special music culture report by Phil Brett Exclusive latest content from Audio Quarterly Magazine The perception and appreciation of music, as with any artform, can change when the time and context it is experienced changes. Of course sometimes it’s purely personal taste – one person’s challenging and invigorating free jazz, is another person’s headache-inducing pips and squeaks. (For […]