Designs on vinyl: levin design Solingen

Back to 1987 levels of popularity for vinyl sales in the US over CD Writing today in 2023 on the topic of how to care for your vinyl records at home, turntable platter mats and stylus brushes might seem an out-of-date obsession of an era of music centres and a pre-digital world. Nevertheless, the endurance […]

Marco Fullone: Of music and optimism

AQ interviews Marco Fullone, DJ, Radio host, music designer and brand ambassador to Solid Steel Italy, makers of exceptional audiophile furniture. Post the first and the current second waves of the coronavirus in Europe, we discover a man of warmth, knowledge and positive ethos. Optimism and the love of music are messages to gain from […]

Rogers LS3/5a Classic

Save the best for last Our German correspondent, Christian Bayer listens to the new Rogers LS3/5a model of the older Rogers LS3/5a model he fell in love with decade ago. His personal choice of the best speakers in the world is a little improved with new Panzerholz stands to boot. The best just got better. […]

Viva Audio Egoista 2A3 headphone amp

AQ’s German corresponded reports on his “unforgettable” love from Italy. My long encounter with the Viva Audio Egoista 2A3 headphone amp, Christian Bayer. A live performance is our only reference Amedeo Schembri Do you remember when you met the love of your life for the first time? Looked into her eyes and felt butterflies all […]