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New York City’s DeVore Fidelity’s 0/96 arrives in London 2021

DeVore 0/96

AQ is a print magazine in its DNA, We are not prone to running the latest news story. Magazine journalism is a slow burner to create editorials of a long shelf life. Currently we are researching and developing articles on fine American-made audio. The US has some wonderful audiophile makers and DeVore Fidelity based in Brooklyn is one such exemplary maker, imported soon as part of a collection of ten artisan brands on display in London, at Absolute Sounds. We have no choice but the break the mould and commend such an important collection of artisan brands.

John DeVore with O/Reference

2020 and soon to be 2021 our travel and lives are severely restricted by the pandemic that plagues humanity. For Londoners ( Or via a select dealer network) and anyone able to pay a visit to Absolute Sounds they are in for a treat, with Covid safety measures taken. A very special curated collection of ten artisan audio products will go display and audition via a selected dealer network.

“If I were to draw an analogy from my music industry background, I would describe the main Absolute Sounds catalogue as a ‘major label’ to which many of the world’s most critically acclaimed artists are signed, while Ten is a specialised subsidiary with a more ‘indie’ ethos, shining a light on exceptional creative talent from every corner of the globe.”

Mr Franassovici

At AQ we are working to inform our readers of the story behind such makers in the US. This is a wonderful chance in 2021 to be able to experience one such maker in DeVore Fidelity in London, with the well respected and highly beautiful loudspeaker named Orangutan 96, or O/96 for short.

The Orangutan 96, is an important speaker to consider as a lifetime investment for pure audiophile sound especially for the low powered valve amp connoisseurs (as well as low-power Class A solid-state designs and even amps with higher power outputs thrive). This may will be the speakers for you all along and an heirloom product your kids.

There is no such thing as the best speakers in the world but of course our German correspondent was right to say that the Rogers LS3/5a are “his” best speaker with his considerable experience. We can say philosophically however, there are so many factors to draw upon when building your own system and the best is a subjective idea.

There are many considerations to make your choice and the values behind such an “indie” brand as DeVore fidelity are to be considered, before you arrive at your “best” speakers.

Ten, is to bring in the 0/96 as the first product in its line up. What is unique and why has Mr Franassovici brought the Devore Fidelity speaker to London?

The press dept of Absolute Sounds is stating;

‘The first piece selected for Ten comes from New York City’s DeVore Fidelity – a loudspeaker named Orangutan 96, or O/96 for short.

Made in Brooklyn, the O/96 exudes New York arthouse attitude, flying in the face of prevailing fashions to set its own agenda. This is not a speaker intended as a crowd-pleasing commodity; but for those who appreciate its singular artistry it is pure revelation. This makes it a perfect fit for the Ten collection.

The O/96 is a rarity in these modern times – a wide-baffle, high-sensitivity loudspeaker. The ’96’ in its name alludes to its quoted electrical sensitivity of 96dB; to put that in perspective, most modern speaker designs are rated in the 85dB to 90dB region. Decades ago, when low-output valve amps were commonplace, high-sensitivity speakers were all the rage. Now, in the age of powerful solid-state amps for which high-sensitivity is less essential, they are often viewed as a curiosity from a bygone age.’

DeVore Fidelity O/96

Moreover, as Mr Franassovici states,

“Each maker has a high level of specialisation. Just as an accomplished shoemaker makes the best shoes, an exceptional tailor makes best suits, and a superior milliner makes the best hats, so the best audio equipment is made by creators who specialise in a particular thing. The bar for membership of Ten is set at the highest level and each maker has proved they exceed it.”

We have in Ten, the DeVore Fidelity 0/96 a speaker that has a unique and individual design identity against the grain of mass market and run of the mill loudspeakers but a truly masterful beautifully made product.

AQ embraces this ethos of manufacture and celebrates the individual maker behind such well crafted products. This is the art of audio we all love and invest ourselves in to immerse our emotions and minds in music.

We strongly recommends to go audition the 0/96 if you are in the market for a lifetime investment. Absolute Sounds are to be congratulated on the ethos and timing of Ten. A little ray of light in dark times.

For more information about DeVore Fidelity, visit

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O/96 in Bird’s Eye Maple